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Written by Mahmoud Basho. Posted in Entertainment & News, Featured

After the successful and amazing jump for Felix Baumgartner in 14 October 2012 from a height of 38.9693 Km which broke the world’s record, a nice experience to launch a small capsule  in space was initiated under a 7th grade science project called “HELLO KITTY IN SPACE”.

What a lovely and cute launch! It needs no oxygen or pressure suit like Felix Baumgartner!

So you can try your own…

Untitled HELLO KITTY In Space!

At launch…

Untitled1 HELLO KITTY In Space!

Untitled2 HELLO KITTY In Space!

At the moment when the balloon explode due to the internal pressure become greater than the outer pressure.

Untitled3 HELLO KITTY In Space!

At the end they found the capsule  hanged on the tree… That’s cool…enjoy with the video

You can find similar launch videos on:
Toy Robot in Space!

Natty Light First Beer In Space

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  • Mahmoud Basho


    It's nice to discover your Space by your camera.


  • Ramzi Khayat


    thx for this post… is super amazing :D


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