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Mouserugs: Tiny Carpets for Your Mouse!

Written by Mostafa Dafer. Posted in Entertainment & News, Featured

I’ve never bought a mouse pad. Not only are most of them kitschy, I barely even need one because even my cheap optical mice works on different surfaces. That said, I would still like to get a Mouserug for my trusty Logitech. It’s the least I can do for its years of service.

mouserug Mouserugs: Tiny Carpets for Your Mouse!

Mouserugs look a lot like the actual thing because they’re basically miniature scale models of fancy oriental rugs. FiberLok, the company who makes them, photographs and scans actual rugs as the basis for their product. If a scanned rug happens to have a defect or imperfection, the resulting Mouserug will have it as well. The designs are not printed on the rugs; each one of the millions of nylon microfibers that make up each Mouserug is dyed with the needed color for added authenticity.

mouserug 2 Mouserugs: Tiny Carpets for Your Mouse!

mouserug 5 Mouserugs: Tiny Carpets for Your Mouse!

by: Lambert Varias


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