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High-Tech Silencer: You Now Silence Boring Speeches!

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Featured, Gadgets

Everyone must have encountered a really boring lecture during their lifetime, now here's a simple, yet geeky, solution; happy silencing! While you may get the urge to pull out a gun every time that loudmouth in your office starts rambling, common courtesy and a number of laws suggest that’s not the right way to go about regaining your peace. A team of researchers has developed a silencing gun called the SpeecStudenthJammer that serves to shut people up with no pain or risk to you or Read more [...]


Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in العربية

بينما كان أحد الأشخاص يقوم بلقاء تليفزيوني في الشارع اقترب منه شخص آخر، وأترك لكم الفيديو لتشاهدوا ما فعله الغريب أن الآخر لم ينتبه إليه ولم يمثل ذلك أي مشكلة للمذيع أو المخرج Read more [...]

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