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Computer-Like Contact Lenses!

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Featured, Gadgets

"Washington University researchers are looking to develop contact lenses that would allow you to check your email, surf the web, and more , all with the blink of an eye." According to Digitaltrends: "With computers and smart devices decreasing in size and increasing in function, it seems that researchers at the University Washington are taking that concept even further. A team from the University has recently completed trials on a new generation of Terminator-like contact lenses that Read more [...]

How a Desk Job Affects the Body: 3 Basic Things

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Tips & Tricks, Uncategorized

In today’s high-tech world, there are more and more desk jobs. People are taken out of the production line and planted in front of a computer screen, as we discover even more ways to make machines do the work while we only supervise. Stance What most doctors will tell you is the fact that being crouched on a chair over a desk all day long is one of the most harmful things you can do to your back. Normally, you would have to only keep the seated position for an hour before standing Read more [...]

Comment choisir et appliquer son eyeliner ?

Written by Ranine on . Posted in Uncategorized

L'article suivant est trouvé du Web, posté par Ranine. Maquillage de jour avec un eyeliner: L’eye-liner peut corriger certains petits défauts. Il s'utilise parfaitement pour un maquillage de tous les jours L’eye liner est partout, en toutes saisons. Laqué, métallique, intensément noir ou bleu, il annonce le retour d’un maquillage affirmé et offensif. Version 70’s à la Verushka, Brigitte Bardot ou encore Audrey Hepburn, il est graphique. eyeliner Qu'est ce Read more [...]

L”EMDR ou ce que disent les yeux

Written by Ranine on . Posted in Uncategorized

  Article trouvé du web , posté par Ranine: Acronyme de l'anglais "Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing", le sigle signifie en français "désensibilisation et retraitement par le mouvement oculaire". Méthode fondée par la psychologue américaine Francine Shapiro, elle constitue une découverte majeure en psychothérapie. Bouger les yeux permettraient de guérir d'un stress post traumatique... On fait le point sur cette technique étonnante. Qu'est-ce que Read more [...]

سحلية تستخدم لسانها لجمع قطرات الندى من عينيها

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Uncategorized, العربية

تعيش أحد أنواع السحالي الناميبية بين رمال الصحاري القاحلة في ناميبيا، لكنها رغم صعوبة البيئة التي تعيش فيها تجد شرابها صباح كل يوم في مكان استثنائي جداً هو عينيها!!: حيث تقوم هذه السحلية في الصباح بمد لسانها إلى عينيها لجمع قطرات الندى التي تشكلت في ساعات الصباح الأولى!! تعيش Read more [...]

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