Macbook Actually Belongs to The Kitchen!

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Gadgets and cooking, sounds like the dream team and to be honest it really is, because these gadgets use some sophisticated technology to produce equipment that makes food that we already know of, it’s just that these gadgets make the food faster, cheaper and much more conveniently. With this Top Five, we are looking at some of the coolest gadgets designed for the kitchen, cook or both.

Finally, it’s the AppleBoard This is a chopping board that requires no introduction at all, it’s called the AppleBoard and yes it really does look like a MacBook with a wooden casing. The AppleBoard comes in three familiar sizes: 13 inch (325 x 227 mm), 15 inch (364 x 249 mm) and the 17 inch (393 x 267 mm) Here are the details for the cool looking Apple style chopping board;
Every AppleBoard starts its life as a piece of apple tree wood. Each block is precisely machined into the basic unibody design. Another pass and the unibody takes shape. It takes multiple milling operations in a CNC machine to create the AppleBoard unibody.
Prices start from $54 Source []

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