POP-UP GARAGE! Park Anywhere Solution!

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This has to be one of the coolest gadget/elevator a car enthusiast can have for their prized possession. I don’t really consider it a garage it’s more of an elegant looking lift to say the least but it gets custom built into your driveway and it can hold a car on top of the lift and a car on the bottom of the lift, to get a better picture of what were saying when the lift is down and a car is parked on the lift it will raise in the air to allow accessibility to the car at the bottom. This is for you enthusiast that have the $100k plus cars sitting in your driveway. This can be further customized to an underground garage built under your property which is also nice. The Cardok can support a little in excess of 10 tons (22,400 lbs to be exact) which is more than enough for 2 cars or trucks. The Cardok garage is an interesting parking solution that is starting to be seen around more affluent London locales. The owner’s car is raised and lowered by means of a hydraulic lift. At present, there are eight in action around London, four under construction and another ten that have been ordered, which is no small feat as the price for the single model is $61,181 and if you want an over and under double it will be $72,816. We think for the price it isn’t bad for the money and who wouldn’t want this in their driveway but too bad it is only a UK based company but i’m sure if your pockets run as deep as the ABYSS, then, you shouldn’t have a problem getting this in the states.

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