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Honda’s Asimo Humanoid Robot in Action!

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Featured, Robots & Robotics

The latest version of the Asimo robot can run, find it's way through a crowd and even pour a drink. Honda's demonstration of the revamped "Asimo" at its Tokyo suburban research facility was not only to prove that the bubble-headed childlike machine was more limber and a bit smarter. It was a way to try to answer some critics that Asimo, first shown in 2000, had been of little practical use so far, proving to be nothing more than a glorified toy and cute showcase for the Honda Motor Co. brand. Honda Read more [...]

Actroid, The Human Robot, When “I Robot” is for Real!

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This is about 3 years ago... However, it's still awesome! It's when the movie (based on the novel) "I Robot" is no longer science fiction! Her maker, Japan-based robot maker Kokoro, says that she is supposed to give patients a heightened sense of security. Actroid-F is very realistic, but actually, she is pretty creepy, too – as you can see in the video embedded below (in which she’s replicating the operators facial expressions and body movements, this is 3 years old however...). Actroid-F, Read more [...]

إبداع البنتو… لوحات فنية رائعة

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in العربية

للفنون أنواع فمنها ما تستغرق أمامه فترة حتى تفهمه وتدرك الجمال الكامن فيه، ومنها ما يدخلك قلبك (ومعدتك في حالتنا هذه!) فترى فيه الموهبة والإبداع: هذا ما شعرت به لأول وهلة عندما رأيت ما فعلته “ساكوراكو كيستا” بفن البنتو وهو طريقة يابانية تقليدية لتعبئة الطعام: بدأت ساكوراكو Read more [...]

Incredible Patterns Display Using Water!

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Design & Creativity, Featured

At Osaka City Station, Japan, a water fountain was installed to display patterns like never seen before! MUST SEE VIDEO INSIDE! Patterns displayed are verious from shapes, digital clock and artist images… just lay back, get ready for some spectacular views and enjoy the video. Click here to watch the video The ingenious system is based on a printer that emits illuminated water droplets and that is controlled digitally. The patterns are said to reproduce images stored on a computer. copied Read more [...]

Cool “Air-Conditioned” jacket from Kuchofuku

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Entertainment & News, Featured

By MIWA SUZUKI ‘Air-con clothes’ help to beat the heat. AS jackets go, it looks far from fashionable, but its Japanese maker cannot meet sky-rocketing demand for “air conditioned” coats with built-in fans. Kuchofuku Co Ltd, whose name literally means “air-conditioned clothing”, has seen orders soar amid power shortages in Japan after the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami. As parts of the nation sweat out an uncomfortable summer shackled by restrictions on electricity Read more [...]

أحدث صيحات اليابانين في الصيف: ملابس مكيفة بمرواح تعمل 11 ساعة

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Featured, العربية

يواجه اليابانيون تحدياً استثنائياً هذا الصيف لأن لديهم مشكلة في الكهرباء بسبب توقف مفاعل فوكوشيما النووي عن العمل، لذا لا يستطيع اليابانيون استخدام المكيفات بما يلبي احتياجاتهم توفيراً للكهرباء، فهل يستسلمون لحر الصيف؟ لا بالطبع بل قام أحد مُصنعي الملابس بتركيب مراوح داخل Read more [...]


Written by Yuka on . Posted in Uncategorized

On 18th July 2011(in Japan time), Japan won Women's World Cup. Japan beat strong teams such as Germany and Sweden, and finally won the game against America at the final although Japan had never beaten America before. This news has really brightened Japan which has been in a bit of darkness since 3.11.   鳥肌立ちました! 感動をありがとうございます!! This is the Japanese spirit. 日本は元気です! Japan is fine!   Source: 時事ドットコム Read more [...]

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