Caller ID on your Watch!

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Caller ID on this watch Most people who go to meetings and other functions will place their phone on mute and risk missing that important call. However, this watch uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone and then when someone calls their number or names will appear on the display on the watch face, this means that the user can afford to leave the phone unless the call is very important.   Priced at $69.99 These are the specs for the Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display;
Displays caller name and/or number on screen (some phones only display number) A text icon will appear when receiving text message (please note – this feature only works on some phones, mostly Sony Ericcson. This feature does NOT show the actual text message) Mute your phone’s ringer by pushing a button on the watch Rechargeable battery with power save function Bluetooth 2.0 96×16 pixel OLED display Leather band Stainless steel case Bluetooth pairing code “0000″ (four zeroes)
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