Charge Your Mobile With Water, the Powertrekk!

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“On the one hand, mobile devices release us from being tethered to one place. For instance, one no longer needs to be connected to a modem to browse the web, thanks to smartphones that are Wi-Fi enabled. On the other, such mobility is of no use if one does not have mobile facilities for charging the devices. Mobile chargers are common, but what if you were on a trek through the Amazon and the battery in your device ran out of charge? If you are willing to pay around $300 (£200), you may not have to worry about the lack of charging facilities close at hand. The solution, named Powertrekk, uses fuel cell technology to convert hydrogen gas into electricity. Best of all, all you need is water, from which this clever gadget extracts hydrogen. Simply insert a PowerPukk fuel pack and add water. The Powertrekk is designed for USB-powered devices, which means both your mobile phone and laptop (if you’re carrying one on a trek) can be charged. And yes, they’re safe for you to carry with you on board flights. The chemical process is safe and eco-friendly. Water vapour is produced as a by-product, which is why the fuel cell must be exposed to open air. This technology also removes the dependence that solar powered chargers have on the weather. During heavy rains, you can’t rely on your solar charger, but the Powertrekk will still work. Like all other electronic devices, used fuel packs and cell chargers constitute electronic waste and need to be disposed of under a controlled recycling program.”   Here’s a video: [As published on]

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