Charge Your iPhone Using A Solar Tree!

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Styled on the look of a small bonsai tree this charger uses twenty seven solar panels on the end of each branch to produce energy from the sun and then charge the internal battery. Once charged it can provide thirty six hours of charging power for all sorts of portable devices and the great thing is that it keeps charging so long as there is sunlight. This how the Electree Solar Bonsai works;
The 27 solar panels installed at the tip of the branches capture the solar energy which is then stored in the 13 500 mAh battery located under the panel of the bonsaÏ. In less than 36 hours of sunshine, the battery will be fully charged and you will then be able to start charging your mobile devices (cell phones, MP3 player,…) through the USB connection. The battery capacity of the Electree being much larger than most mobile devices (an iPhone holds a 1 500mAH battery, for instance), it can be recharged in only a few hours to reach again its full capacity. Electree can only be placed inside, ideally placed close to a window to capture a maximum amount of solar energy throughout the day.
Priced at around $400 Source1 [ZedoMax] Source2 [Technabob]

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