DNA Storage To Replace Blu-Ray!

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We all love Sci-Fi movies, but have we thought that reality may surprise us even beyond imagination?! It’s time for a real surprise! DNA-USB Why use low-capacity discs when the DNA can provide theoretically unlimited storage?!!! dna-strand-blue-tgac-640x353 (1) according to zdnet:
It’s not alive, and could be kept passively in a storage device for thousands of years. It’s also capable of holding a lot of information. For example, one single cup of DNA could, in theory, store about 100 million hours of high-definition video.
According to WallStreet Journal, the DNA may be the future of storage… video-encoding-dna If it can store our (human) features, why can’t it store our entertainment and data features?! What do you think, get involved and share your comment!

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