Iphone 4 SLR Mount!

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“Turn your iPhone into a DSLR using real SLR lenses.”


$249 (iPhone 4 not included).


I’m reminded of the opening line of one of my favorite Jamaican songs: You look like a mouse on a one dolla bread

Canon or Nikon:


$249 (iPhone 4 not included).

Source [bookofjoe.com]

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  • what is a digital slr camera


    Yet, there ‘re more uses which in turn add convenience which can your life and
    as well as your family’s life, overall. This does not signify
    that you need to compromise to the large extent and purchases cheap digital cameras that have least functions.
    Although, saving and restoring images and videos is the only basic function which
    a camera does but you can also use camera for safety too.


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