Never run out of batteries again, your body is the mobile battery!

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These days , we all are looking for  renewable energy sources and solutions such as  wind power, solar energy or Generating Energy From Sea Waves…but did you know that you can use your own body heat a san ultra-portable power source?! 1681122-slide-tegwear-technology
A startup in Corvallis, Oregon, has developed a small chip that can turn body heat into electric energy
It’s True! What once was  Science Fiction or Fantasy have now become true! Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc has made  a unique thermo-electric energy device integrated into wearable form such as wristbands or clothing. It’s a small TEGwear™  chip  that can convert body heat  into electric energy via a transducer or a thermo-electric generator, using the same technology used in solar panels. FastCompany reports:
   TEGwear-powered devices are still in development and won’t hit the market until 2014. The company will demo the device on a new Swatch Touch watch at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month.   The result: a single, square-inch TEGwear chip generates enough power (up to 3 volts) to power anything from the accelerometer in your pedometer to the wireless headset for your smartphone. It’s also partnered with several private companies to develop body-powered smartphone accessories (like headsets), health-monitoring devices (such as wearable heart-rate monitors), and military applications (like monitoring a soldier’s vital signs and location while on a combat mission).

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