Personal Water Powered Flying Machine “JetLev”!

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Although this may be a bit old, it’s still really great!

“Freedom, exhilaration, adventure: The dream of personal flight is as old as mankind. In the 21st century the daring vision of Daedalus has become real.” Jetlev-water-Flyer-1-

It sounds like an unbelievable idea. But after nine long years of development including six years of intensive testing and refinements, our creativity, persistence and unshakeable belief in our ideas have finally created an incredible and revolutionary personal flying machine.


The JETLEV-FLYER employs a powerful 4-stroke engine (155 – 215 HP) and water nozzle reaction force to achieve stable, controlled flight. Depending on pilot weight, a standard JETLEV-FLYER could reach an altitude of 10 m, top speeds of 65 km/h and has a cruising duration of 1 – 2 hours.”

Jetlev-water-Flyer-5 So, stop dreaming – start flying! Price: 215HP – $157.000 255HP – $176.000 Here’s a video:

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