Pic3D Sheet, Turn any LCD Display into Glasses-free 3D Display! (Updated)

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Global Wave have previously presented their Pic3D sheet, which when applied to a regular LCD monitor transforms it into a glasses-free 3D display, but guess what, it’s currently available and no longer out of stock!

As opposed to other films already on the market which use a parallax barrier to display the 3D image, Pic3D utilizes a lenticular lens system, Global Wave state that this method offers a light transmission level of 90%, and claim to have improved the field of view to 120°.

There are several sheets of different sizes, for the time being, sheets for 12.1-inch, 21.5-inch and 23-inch monitors are available as well as sheets for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch screens.

In addition, there’s an application that is compatible with both, Windows & iOS.

“Basically it will work with video files which are in the side by side format, and if you input URLs for side by side formatted content on sites such as YouTube, it will work with them too.”

Visit their site yourself,  the prices are relatively too low for such a great offer!

on www.pic3dus.com

images via diginfo

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