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Night vision Money!

Written by Mahmoud Basho on . Posted in Featured, Gadgets

You can be a dork at times and hand out the wrong currency notes, especially in a dim lit cab. Don’t expect anyone to rectify your mistakes…your loss is another man’s gain! Tough luck and be careful till the agencies get the heads up on inventions like the Luminous Paper Money. Notes that emit a soft glow, just enough to ensure you hand out the correct note; nothing more nothing less.   Related articles:Touch of Reality,cooking pot Read more [...]

Money Shredder Alarm Clock!منبه يمزك نقودك حتى تستيقظ

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Featured, Gadgets, العربية

لقراءة الموضوع باللغة العربية اضغط هنا What a way to say:"Time IS Money." If you have problems waking up, it’s because you haven’t tried the new money-shredding alarm clock. An alarm clock, which no panda would want to have – once it kicks in, it will start shredding money and keep going until you turn the alarm off. And if losing $100 is not enough to make you wake up, a little bit of jail time to the penalty might help – as Mashable already Read more [...]

Apple has More Cash Than the US Treasury!

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Entertainment & News, Uncategorized

    Uncle Steve has more cash than Uncle Sam!   Well, not really Steve Jobs, but Apple has now more cash than the U.S Treasury. According to Financial Post, Apple currently boasts a huge cash reserve of US$75.876-billion as of June 2011, while the US treasury department revealed on Thursday that it has just US$73.768-billion in reserves.   It surely comes as a shocker for many. Who in their wildest dreams would have guessed the cash reserves of the world’s Read more [...]

العالم الافتراضي: توقف لأنك قد لا تعلم شيئاً

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Uncategorized, العربية

نقلاً عن عالم الابداع: إنه الافتراضي يا أخي.. ذلك العالم الذي نحييه ولا نحياه!!.. أهو الحقيقة أم انعكاسها؟!.. إنه ليس ذلك العالم المحدود الذي قد تتوقعه أو بعض أمثلته التي تدور برأسك عن الإنترنت أو حتى نظام تشغيل الحاسوب أو التلفزيون ووسائل الإعلام.. إنه ليس مجرد بعض التطبيقات أو الاّليات Read more [...]

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