TV Backlight -usb powered- DIY

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TV Backlight -usb powered-
This project came about because I have a decent amount of LED projects around my house and my friend asked me if I could turn one of those into a light he could put behind his TV!  But he has his TV hung on the wall and didn’t want to have any wires hanging down or anything that required being plugged in.  I took a look at his TV, and it, along with most new flat panels, have a couple USB sockets on the side.  And I thought PERFECT I can just use the 5 volt power out of the USB port! This is a really simple project that looks great!  You can use the idea of this project for many different ideas and areas– not just for behind the TV! To make a similar one click here…(

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  • tim


    while living in china , I had done the same thing before i had read this article years before. I love DIY and thought wow wouldnt it be cool to have a blue light showing behind my 50 inch lcd , I NOT ONLY LOVE usb, but USB could perhaps one day be used to power a tv? i thought of ths many years ago, if some one designs this. then you stole my idea perhaps? but aslong as the future needs no so called power ac/dc standards all tv’s can be sold internationally with no problems,. all homes wont have the standard outlet but having USB in the wall to powerr anything from an mp3 – washer machine, stove,pc,bblender etc.etc.

    the home of the future


  • Mostafa Dafer


    You’ve got some really great and wonderful ideas! Unfortunately, today science has proved that medium-sized motors need AC voltage to function properly, which makes the DC power provided by the USB standard unusable for such machines… Unless we reach new standards, we shall accept the truth that this dream is far from being achieved… Lots of devices, as you have mentioned, may be powered by USB such as this very project!

    I’ll be waiting along for the next set of futuristic devices! 🙂


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