Unintentional Faces In Objects

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You look at them… They look right back at you! (but do they bite?) Today we are going to explore face-like patterns in inanimate objects, and will urge you to get out and take a few pictures of your own: find a weird face in something that’s not supposed to have any faces, take a picture and send it to us! Even mundane, everyday objects and often-visited places can reveal a face, if looked at a different angle… (image via) This part of a Soviet Lunar Craft Lander (more info) looks like something out of the “Robots” movie: (image via) Architectural structures can reveal faces that stare at us from buildings, bridges and electric meters… let’s start with the happy ones: (top and left: original unknown, right – Dan Witz) (image via) (images via 12) (images via 12) Faces everywhere! Is there a room in the world without a face hidden somewhere?? – Pareidolia phenomenon is well-known, even causing havoc in some religious circles (remember the toast with a likeness of Jesus sold on eBay for a tidy sum?). But really, it’s pretty easy to find some drooping eyes and a crooked mouth just about anywhere: If you touch some of the dials, you get the weirdest feeling that you’re poking your fingers into their eyes… (originals unknown, one image via) Pipes! Pipes are usually hungry and mean-looking: “Screaming” faces seem to appear more often the “smiling” ones: Fearsome Toothsome: This face is quite intentional, of course (located at Ghibli Museum). Such wonderful manhole lids can be often seen in Japan, where it became a kind of urban art: (original unknown) Dog snouts! – (image via bitsandpieces, link removed for being blacklisted by google) Gothic expressions and ghosts: Very curious ones found in nature: Snow faces are numerous and easy to find: This cactus is not Photoshopped, according to the info we have (although hardly anything else is known about the origin of this picture): Clothing Faces Parade: (image via) (image via) Kitchen Faces Parade: (image via) … and with painted lips: … even with toilet paper: If this collection whets your appetite for locating and photographing weird faces in unexpected objects and places, then perhaps you’d like to check out this site, dedicated to this activity – Faces in Places. They constantly update with new faces, there is a book you can buy, and they have extensive archives. (images via 12) (most images came to us uncredited – if you know original, let us know – other images are courtesy following sites: 1234567) Source

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