Decypher Watch, Easier Than You’d Think!

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Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia. Lloyd says: This watch design is called “Decypher”. The display may look mysterious at first, but is actually very easy to decipher once you know the trick behind it. decypher_watch_1 The watch face displays four figures, each with a lot of random-looking lines and triangles stuck on them all over the place. I tried staring at the image and trying to read off what time it was, before giving up and just peeking at the bottom of the image to read it off: 15:23. Here’s the key to figuring out the numbers that the figures stand for: Decypher-Code If you haven’t cracked the code, this is how it was done: Decypher-Code1 Extremely simple, right? But were you able to figure it out on your own? Now that you see it though, it’s actually a really easy watch to read if you know what you’re looking for. via: &

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