400,000 Israeli Credit Cards & Information Leaked by Saudi Arabia Hackers

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Hacker named “0xOmar” from group-xp, largest Wahhabi hacker group of Saudi Arabia claim to Hack lot of Israeli servers, lot of information about Israeli people including their name, address, city, zipcode, Social Security Numbers (Israeli IDnumbers), mobile phone number, home phone number, credit card number (including exp year, month and CVV), all belong to Israeli people only. Hacker says “We daily use these cards to solve our problems, purchasing VPNs, VPSes, softwares, renting GPU clusters, renting cloud servers and much more!“. They Claim themselves as part of Anonymous hacking Group from Saudi Arabian. “my goal is reacing 1 million non-duplicate people, which is 1/6 of Israel’s population.” He said.  
What’s fun for us? – Watching 400,000 people gathered in front of Israeli credit card companies and banks, complaining about cards and that they are stolen – Watching Israeli banks shredding 400,000 credit cards and re-generate new cards (so costly, huh?) – Watching people purchasing stuff for theirself using the cards and making Israeli credit cards untrustable in the world, like Nigerian credit cards – and much more…
Quick Description of Leaked Data at Pastebin:
  • 4000.htm, it includes 4000+ credit cards and all needed information. All is Israeli.
  • 27000.htm, it includes 27000+ credit cards and all needed information. All is Israeli.
  • Cards1.mdb, it includes 260272 credit cards and all needed information. It includes address, emails and passwords of 260272 Israeli people.
  • Cards2.mdb, it includes 120745 credit cards and all needed information. It includes address, emails and passwords of 120745 Israeli people.
  • IsraCards1.txt, it includes 184 working fresh Israeli credit cards and all needed information.
  • Business.mdb, it includes 22604 Israeli business people details, including, names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc.
  • Judaism.txt, it includes 65 Zionist people who purchased stuff from Judaism web site
  • TblDonate.htm, it includes 500+ people who donated to Israeli Zionist Rabbis.
In response to the cyber attack, Dov Kotler, CEO of Isracard, a unit of Bank Hapoalim said that the credit-card user details that appeared on the page were mostly incorrect or belonged to the cards that were deactivated long ago. The leaked data also contains numerous repeated entries. The credit card companies immediately blocked all the cards on the list and assured the customers that money used to buy from these cards will be duly returned.
Update: continue reading here.

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