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This is a tutorial on how to add your photo next to your comment… By Mary Jaksch

Step 1: Go to the Gravatar site

This is the site where you can set up an image that will show up across a broad range of blogs and forums. Click on “Get Your Gravatar Today”

Step 2: Fill in the form. Use the email address you commonly use.

See below …

Step 3: Check the confirmation email Gravatar sends you.

See below …

Step 4: Click on the confirmation link in the email.

See below …

Step 5: Fill in further details.

See below …

Step 7: Upload your image.

If you want to use an image of you, make sure it’s a close-up. The avatars are so small that only a close-up will work.

Watch the video for further details.

 go here to see it. Show off your avatars in the comments :-) (As copied from

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