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إلى كل عشاق انستاغرام، عندما يتحول الحلم الى حقيقة

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in العربية

  كلنا نعرف قصة انستاغرام الشهير وكيف أن شبكة الفيسبوك اشترته بمليار دولار... فان كنت ممن يعتقدون أن انستاغرام يساوي المبلغ المذكور فاليك نظارات "Instaglasses" التي تقدم مؤثرات انستاغرام على ارض الواقع!     تخيل رؤية الحياة من حولك بعيون انستاغرام! بمجرد الضغط على زر البدء Read more [...]

Laster Technologies’ Smart Spectacles

Written by Mahmoud Basho on . Posted in Featured, Gadgets

     Photo: Laster Technologies These glasses let users dispense with a computer monitor altogether. A decade ago, tech sages predicted that many portable consumer devices would soon be integrated into the mobile phone. For once, the pundits were right: Today, of course, elements of the old PDA, MP3 player, digital camera, portable e-mail, Web browser, and camcorder now live on our smartphones. Next in line, says a French company, are eyeglasses. When they get smart, we’ll Read more [...]

The Privacy Glasses (Do It Yourself)!

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Featured, Tips & Tricks

"Finally you can do something with that old LCD monitor you have in the garage. You can turn it into a privacy monitor! It looks all white to everybody except you, because you are wearing "magic" glasses! All you really have to have is a pair of old glasses, x-acto knife or a box cutter and some solvent (paint thinner)." Learn how to make a similar one right this moment! Steps and Source "قام موقع instructables بشرح طريقة تستطيع من خلالها جعل محتويات Read more [...]

13 Unusual Uses Of A Hair Dryer!

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Featured, Tips & Tricks

Author:Carleyy This article was copied from I graduated of Union College with a BS in computer science and visual arts and a minor in math. I moved out to San Fran to work at Instructables as an Intern and moved up to Community Relations Manag... more » i OHHHH the unusual things you can do with your house hold gadgets!!!  I've thoroughly research all the strange weird uses for your blow dryer. Yes that's correct: BLOW DRYER.  Fitting your Read more [...]

How Glasses-Free 3D Works

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Tips & Tricks, Uncategorized

Posted on: [] There are multiple ways for 3D to be viewed without the need for glasses. Tom’s Guide discovered that Nintendo 3DS uses a parallax LCD barrier made by Sharp. As WikiPedia points out: a parallax is an apparent displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines The image below should make more sense. If the beginnig of Read more [...]

لأن الأبعاد الثلاثة لا تكفي

Written by Mostafa Dafer on . Posted in Featured, العربية

طورت أحد الشركات الكورية كراسي مزودة بمؤثرات خاصة كالرياح, الضباب, الأضواء الخاصة, والروائح التي تتزمان كلها مع أحداث الفيلم، فحين يُعرض مشهد البحر مثلاً ستهب عليك الرياح المُحملة برائحة البحر وكأنك داخل المشهد!! تم تجربة هذه التقنية الغريبة على فيلمي كونج-فو باندا 2 والجزء Read more [...]

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