Vote for CoolesTech Team, representing RHU, BAU, & Lebanon in an International Contest!

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We are representing the universities of: BAU & RHU

as well as representing Lebanon in an international contest (Startup Weekend)!

You can vote multiple times, 1 time per 24 hours.

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فريقنا يمثل جامعة رفيق الحريري والجامعة العربية في بيروت، كما يمثل لبنان أمام دول العالم في مسابقة ريادة الأعمال العالمية.

يحق لكم التصويت عدة مرات، مرة كل 24 ساعة.

صوتوا من هنا

We have finished the prototype of our next app called QrSpace, which allows you to scan the ordinary bar-code found on all products. Yes that bar code that when scanned you hear the “beep sound” in supermarkets! As soon as you scan the code using your phone (any phone with a camera). The app will show you the image of the product along with a brief description and 5 star-rating. You can view product reviews by ordinary users.

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Here’s the special part: Reviews may contain Multimedia (Audio, Video, Images) so that rich content reviews could be handled so easily 🙂 In addition, there is a special section for expert’s reviews. Moreover, similar products are also available! Watch the video and vote for us, not only as your friends, not only as your colleagues, not only as representatives of Lebanon but also as “creators of QrSpace” 🙂

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