How to use unsigned apps (solution for “certificate error”) on Nokia Phones!

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Note: This is similar to the iPhone Jailbreak, it will allow unsigned apps (including the ones with viruses) to run, please make sure that this is legal in your country. We have only tested this on Symbian Belle Phones, do not attempt to apply this on Non-Symbian^3 systems. This is provided as is, do it at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur during/due to this procedure.

1. Download

2. Install “1. (”

3. Launch Norton

4. Go Options- Anti-Virus – Quarantine list

5. Go Options – Restore, accept prompt

6. Exit application, delete from App manager (Symantec Symbian Hack).
7. Install “2. ( V.1.52” and launch 8. delete “c:\shared\” folder with X-Plore
9.accept YES,confirm command
10. Install “3. (” and Launch
11. apply patches :
12.Select Install Server RP+ and go Option>Add to Auto
13.Select Open4All RP+ and go Option>Add to Auto

(if you see a red cross on install server patch in Rom Patcher – get installserver.exe from here and enable OPEN4ALL patch from ROM Patcher then move installserver.exe to C:/Sys/Bin via X-plore.)

You may also download the necessary files for non-S^3 phones here (apply the same steps as above but according to your phone’s version files):



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