Pet Cell Phones: Stupid, or a Clever Choice?

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You probably have a cell phone you take with you everywhere you go so family, friends, and business contacts can get in touch with you wherever you are. But have you ever thought about the possibility of getting a cell phone for your pet? If you’re scratching your head, read on.

Pet Cell Phones: Stupid, or a Clever Choice?

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As silly as it sounds, there really are cell phones for pets. No, you can’t call Fido and chat whenever you want, because Fido can’t actually answer the phone (but you probably knew that). Pet cell phones are used for when your pet is missing. They sit on your pet’s collar, and works through a regular cell tower. Whenever your pet is missing, you call the phone, and it sends a transmission telling you exactly where your pet is.

How Does it Differ from Other Pet Tracking Devices?

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Normal pet trackers can locate your pet’s location on a map that’s sent to your computer or phone. Some will even alert you via text or email when your pet strays. A pet cell phone differs from other tracking devices because you can call it whenever you can’t locate your pet and not only track him, but send him a signal that tells him to come home.


Which is Better?

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As great as a pet cell phone may sound, if it can’t alert you to when your dog has gone astray, is it really the best option? But if you can’t alert your pet to come home through the tracker, is that really the best solution? The answer is, it’s a personal choice. You’ll have to decide which device is best for your pet.

How do You Determine Which is Best?

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In order to determine which device is best, think about your neighborhood and your pet’s routine. Do you live in a safe area where your dog is used to running around alone? Or do you live in a big city that could be dangerous for your pet to get loose in? Depending on your answer, you may already have your decision made for you.

If you’re used to your pet running around the neighborhood or a large piece of property, and want the ability to call him inside, then the pet cell phone would be best. But if you’re worried about your pet straying and not being able to find him, then a tracker that shows you his exact location would be best.

Now that You’ve Made Your Decision

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Now that you’ve done the research and have determined which tracking device is best for you and your pet, it’s time to make your purchase. Research the Internet for different makes and models, and talk to your vet about which would be best for your needs.

Most pet owners and lovers will understand the concept of a pet cell or tracker. PETA can provide you with more information on the safety of animals, and how best to protect your furry loved ones.


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