Remote Control The Fireplace By Your Phone Lazy Romantics!

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“Back in the old days, starting a fire in a fireplace was a trick, something that had to be learned. I should know. I live in the tropics. And back in the olden days, man didn’t even know how to start a fire period. Now what do we have? Fireplaces that are Wi-Fi connected and can be controlled with mobile apps. escea wi fi connected fireplace The tech was developed by New Zealand-based fireplace manufacturer Escea and is currently available in their two latest models, the DX1500 and DL850. Both fireplaces can be operated remotely by an iOS app – shown above – eliminating the need for a dedicated remote control or any conjuring skills. An Android app is also being developed. Both models can also be integrated with home automation systems. The list of character-building activities continues to dwindle. What’s next, an app that pitches tents? I would buy that. I have built my character using weakness and resignation.” [copied from]

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