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Delete Duplicate Rows from SQL Database Without a Primary Key

Written by Mostafa Dafer. Posted in Tips & Tricks

sql-server-2012-management-studio-splash-screen Just wanted to share with you a simple trick for deleting a duplicate row in your SQL table when you haven't assigned a primary key. So you may be wondering how could this happen... Well, in most cases, it would happen when you are setting an Id to your item by hand instead of using Identity to automatically set the Id. This leads us to another question, which is why would we set the Id by hand? Now here comes several answers, the best is the case where we need to insert a new item to the table Read more [...]

Second Tutorial in LabVIEW series ( arabic version)

Written by mostafa najim. Posted in Tips & Tricks, العربية

tmp_SCR_20131103_204550_2462271867747399 The second Tutorial in my LabVIEW series is done. part 1 In this video i focused on : 1- applications of numeric functions 2-comparison function (equal) 3-boolean function (OR) . part 2  (please check the description is the second video) In this video i focused on : 1- creating a mathematic equation 2-numeric inputs and outputs 3- case structure don't forget to subscribe for my channel Read more [...]

Launching a New Tutorial Series on LabVIEW in Arabic!

Written by mostafa najim. Posted in Tips & Tricks, العربية

PEA_Labview LabVIEW (short for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) is a system-design platform and development environment for a visual programming language from National Instruments. This is the first video of a LabVIEW tutorials series , targeting all those looking for the beginning point to start with graphical programming, and if you are having problems with English language don't worry because the videos are in Arabic . (P.S. : an English version will be published after the series Read more [...]

Windows 8.1 Offline ISO Installer Leaked!

Written by Mostafa Dafer. Posted in Tips & Tricks

icon Update 1: You can only use the offline image directly for clean install if you have a Windows 8.1 Key. Otherwise use this method to offline-update using your Windows 8 Key: To update to Windows 8.1 normally, you can go to the Windows 8 Store Then click/tap Update to Windows 8.1 If you face any errors like "Your apps were installed" or you can't find the "Update" tile, you can run cmd in elevated mode and type: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth   To Read more [...]

5 Most Unbelievable Internet Addictions

Written by emilygreen. Posted in Featured, Tips & Tricks

internet addiction You can get addicted to anything — it doesn't have to be your typical drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. As a matter of fact, you can get addicted to something as simple as TV, or even food. Many people are finding they have various internet addictions. Take a look at these 5 unbelievable internet addictions that you might be suffering from, too. The Internet Shopaholic Image via Flickr by mandiberg According to Orange Collar Media, people in the United States spent one-hundred eighty-six Read more [...]

Add Snowing Effect to Your WordPress Blog, Let It Snow!

Written by Mostafa Dafer. Posted in Tips & Tricks

Season's Greeetings! :-) As you can see it's snowing at CoolesTech! Why don't you add this effect to your blog! You may have noticed that there are plugins out there that can do this, but they are either ugly or deprecated. We have chosen "Let It Snow" plugin for it's wonderful look. However, after activating the plugin, a horizontal scrollbar splashes, appears and disappears causing a very ugly experience (jumpy horizontal scrollbar). After wasting some time searching the internet, Read more [...]

Android Ethical Hacking, could it get any easier?! Try it yourself with apk CSigner!

Written by Mostafa Dafer. Posted in Tips & Tricks

Introduction: I’ve recently joined Android Developers and I have published CoolesTech RSS Feed Reader. All went fine until I had to self-sign my app (personal private key), and that’s what was like a nightmare (although it’s relatively easy); test keys worked like a charm when self-certificates failed… But Google does not allow test certificates as you may have noticed. I have tried signar 1.3 and signer 0.3 but after my app seemed successfully signed I still got "application not installed. So Read more [...]

Microsoft & Windows 8… Making the Future!

Written by Mostafa Dafer. Posted in Tips & Tricks

23ab0_facebook_Surface-Black-Touch-Cover In this Post we will Go through  some amazing &  important features that Microsoft is offering in its Windows 8 Products. Warning: If you are not willing to buy a new device or don't need to spend money to buy tech gadget stuff please don't read this post... hahaha just kidding. Let's Start: Friday, 26 October 2012 the whole world woke up eager & thirsty awaiting the release of Microsoft's new Products followed by the Windows that is described by the most Secure, Fastest, Fluid & Read more [...]

Nicekit Time Boss, Parental Control Software That We Can Trust!

Written by Mostafa Dafer. Posted in Tips & Tricks

thumb They say: times have changed; I say: people have changed as well... In less than a 100 years lots and lots of inventions strived to invade our homes... Televisions, computers, and lots of other devices, and while the television was the most to blame for social issues, computers and the internet where only identified as serious threats recently. As we always tend to solve our problems, several parental control and monitors emerged to save the day, but while software monitors and key-loggers flooded Read more [...]

How to Soar in the Cloud Without Crashing

Written by emilygreen. Posted in Tips & Tricks

storage-cloud How to Soar in the Cloud Without Crashing Whether you've heard of cloud storage or not, you've more than likely used it. Whether you have an online email provider (such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo!) or have uploaded pictures to Flickr or Picasa, most of us have used some form of cloud storage. Here are some tips for using cloud storage. Decide What You Need Via The first thing you'll want to decide is exactly what you want out of cloud storage. It can vary from a backup of some Read more [...]

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